These luxury furniture installations are more than just a space for storage, they’re display cases for your most treasured items. And they are made to be treasured, too.

From the eye-catching to the minimal, each bespoke luxury shelving unit is designed to fit harmoniously into your home environment. With luxury bookcases and shelving units with recessed LED lighting in the alcoves, to asymmetrical display cabinets to surround a fireplace, you’re sure to find the style you need here.

Storage spaces are both open and closed, with seamless cupboards with push-to-open mechanisms or elegant handles fitted outside. Other features like adjustable shelving or sliding doors can be considered, too.

These units can be manufactured to the exact fit of the space you’d like to fit them in, as our master artisans make each component with precision and care. Crafted from the highest-quality wood, coloured and finished to your liking, the result is a beautiful set of luxury designed cupboards, cabinets and shelves create a convenient and spacious storage space, and enhance the aesthetic of the room.