A home office needs to be the perfect space for tranquility and focus. Why not make it as beautiful as every other room with our bespoke luxury home office furniture?

These custom-designed units can combine storage and display with ergonomic designs for computer equipment. Wires and other electronic necessities can be neatly tucked away as you desire, and sturdy shelving for books – with delightful arrays of asymmetrical alcoves for displaying and illuminating the things you’re most proud of – can serve as visual motivation every day.

Constructed from only the highest-quality wood, coloured and finished to your preference, with artfully detailed panelling, handles and accessories, each piece is treated with our famous attention to detail in every joint, surface and corner.

The logic of internal storage is always customised to your needs, too. Whether it’s an abundance of files and papers, or electronic gadgetry that needs to be stashed safely, our designers can craft elegant arrangements to accommodate them.