We’re proud to work with some of London’s most discerning clientele – and beyond.

London has a vibrant appetite for high-quality design, and we’re happy to provide it with the utmost standards and care (although we’ve been known to venture out of the city when required, too).

As you’ll know if you ask any of our previous clients, we pride ourselves on being fabulous to work with. Our most popular marketing channel is word-of-mouth, with many past clients happy to refer us to their nearest and dearest. And due to our commitment to aftercare, the lifespan of each project is always geared towards the long run.

Our typical customer has classical, cultured tastes and a love for modern and elegant designs.

The aesthetic we create looks to the past, present and future for inspiration. And we’re always happy to tackle new and innovative ideas.

We’re happy to work with clients who only have an inkling of what they want from the final project. Dreamy ideas and hazy concepts are completely fine – it’s our job to bring them to reality. We’ll work closely with you to clarify a vision, advise on materials, aesthetics and functionality, translate it into technical specifications, and finally, bring it into the tangible world.

From ideation to specification to construction to installation – we’re with you all the way.

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