At Unum, we believe collaboration is the best path to excellence. We’re proud to work with a wide range of experts around the world to broaden our capabilities. Bringing the world’s best craftspeople together to produce bespoke luxury furniture opens up the possibility for memorable and unbeatable designs.

We work with the following partners:

  • Sibu Design – a masterful Austrian manufacturer of panels and surfaces, with fashionable patterns and durable designs.
  • Egger Group – global experts in high-quality design flooring; robust, beautiful and highly versatile.
  • Cleaf – Italian masters of innovative surfaces, laminates and textured panels.
  • Tabu Design – based in Bali, this highly-respected design and production company known for bold and adventurous interiors.
  • Spradling – the authority on coated fabrics and surfaces that look amazing and last for years – based in the UK, Germany and Spain.